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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Personalized Learning Around the Nation: Denver

In a recent article posted on Getting Smart, author Tom Vander Ark discusses the initiative Denver Public Schools is taking to move learning forward, particularly in the area of personalized learning. The article specifies four pillars of personalized learning the Denver community is engaged in:

“4 Pillars of Personalization. The DPS team is launching a community conversation around a draft framework that describes how the personalized learning definition will be realized:

  1. Individualized learning paths: Students work with teachers and school leaders to co-create individual learning paths, leveraging qualitative and quantitative data, and matching student interests and learning needs; paths allow for student progression based on mastery.
  2. Evolving teacher, administrator & student roles: Personalized learning for adults supports flexible staffing school operational structures. Teachers also act as facilitators of learning, working in collaboration with students to shape their learning experiences. District and organizational cultures create conditions that support continuous learning and improvement and encourage teachers to explore new approaches
  3. Next-gen curriculum & ways to demonstrate learning: Students experience standards-aligned curricula through a variety of delivery methods, which are informed by individual learner profiles and that adapt to student needs and interests; demonstrations of learning are used frequently to inform content, delivery methods, and goal setting.
  4. Strategic use of time, physical space, technology & community: Space, time, technology, and community partnerships adapt to meet each student’s needs; parents and community partners are intentionally integrated into students’ learning experiences to support their academic, social and emotional growth.”

It’s particularly exciting to see how a conversation taking place in Denver aligns with the 4 Design Keys of the Next Generation of Schools model.  Read the article to learn more about the Denver community conversation.

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